Our services go beyond one-off calculations and reports; we provide ongoing support and advice to our clients. We will assist our clients in setting and achieving sustainability goals and help them to continuously improve and innovate in the ESG field.

EasyGo Strategy

ESG Report Drafting

Through our ESG report writing service process, companies will be able to present their sustainability performance and efforts in a professional and comprehensive manner. We are committed to helping companies improve the quality and impact of their reports, while promoting good communication and understanding between companies and their stakeholders.

ESG Data Calculation

Through our ESG data calculation service, companies will be able to fully understand their ESG performance and formulate corresponding sustainable development strategies. We are committed to helping businesses achieve more sustainable growth while making a positive impact on the environment and society.

ESG Report Design

Through our ESG report design service, companies will be able to showcase their efforts and achievements in sustainable development in a professional and attractive manner. We are committed to helping companies establish good communication with stakeholders, improve brand image and reputation, and further promote the realization of sustainable development.

ESG Report Translation

Through our ESG report translation service, companies can deliver their ESG reports to global readers, promote cross-language and cross-cultural communication, and at the same time increase the transparency and impact of their ESG information.